How to use a safety pin to treat a broken arm

I recently did a facebook live video on how to use a safety pin to treat a broken arm.

Within a week I had had a response form someone saying they had to use and how useful it had been.

If you have ever been on a first aid course you will probably have learnt how to put on a support sling and then if you are anything like the rest of the population you promptly forget how to do it because it's not something you do everyday. It also relies on you having access to a first aid kit which isn't always the case just like Rachel's Story.

Here’s what Rachel told me when she called a couple of weeks ago:

"I took Sophie to play in the local playground last Saturday, We were the only ones there and she was having a lovely time. Then she fell off the climbing frame!"

I knew as soon as I saw her that her arm was broken and for the first few seconds I panicked.

  • I had no first aid kit
  • There was no one else there
  • We had walked so I didn't have my car
  • My husband had taken the car and our son to football
  • I don't know anyone who lives near here
  • What am I going to do
  • My daughter needs me NOW!

Then I remembered that little video you had put on Facebook about how to use a safety pin to make a sling and how you had said in the video go find a pin now and put it in your purse.

And thank goodness you said that because that's what I did I'd put a safety pin in my purse and I had my purse with me.

I just let out a huge sigh of relief, because I knew I could help Sophie and be the mum she needed me to be.

I made a sling using her jumper and held it in place with the safety pin from my purse.

Once she had the sling on she was a lot calmer, I was a lot calmer and we just sat and chatted while we waited for my husband to come and take us to hospital.

She is now sporting a lovely purple cast and is proudly showing it off to anyone who will look.

Thank you for putting that video on Facebook, and for telling me to put the in in my purse now if I hadn't seen that video I don't know what I would have done to help her and I wouldn't have been anywhere near as calm and collected.